Retail Software

Retail software refers to the collection of software that powers a retail company. This comprises of all or a selection of the following;

Point of Sale System

eCommerce Software

ERP System

Back Office System

Reporting Software

Point of sale and the ecommerce system are generally the first point of contact for retail software. They are the two points where the data from the transaction between the customer and the retailer are first collected. These data points then send the information through to the back office which collects and stores the data, generally in a central location.

In larger enterprise retailers, they will have a third point, called the ERP system. This is generally a more powerful solution used for detailed analysis on processes, financials, inventory, customers, pricing, purchasing and so on.

Most ERP solutions have an inbuilt reporting solution, however there are often times where specialist reporting software beats the default reporting system included. This means that from the ERP system, or the back office system for smaller retailers, data is extracted from the relevant database and tables to produce detailed reports for analysis.

The most common approach in retail software is for retailers to use a number of specialist providers to fulfill specific requirements.